Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Edition

On the day before Thanksgiving, I had my students write in their writing journals about what they were thankful for. Many of them got started right away, and turned in their journals when they were done. I started reading them and was very impressed by many who were thankful for their parents, their house, food, etc. Hattie's, though, had a different list: "I'm thankful for my Nintendo DSi, my laptop, my Wii, my TV, my cell phone, my IPod Touch, and money." I put the journal down and went over to her. "What about your family, your friends, etc.? Aren't you thankful for some other things as well?" I asked. "Well," she replied, "They gave me those things, so I guess so."

Don't forget to show your thanks to those you are thankful for! :)

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