Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Say Cheese!

Yesterday, Hattie brought a digital camera with her to school.  She had it out during Language Arts class and was showing it around.  Her teacher instructed her to put it away and not get it out again.  Hattie put it in her locker.

On the way out to pick up the students at recess, I observed a group of girls posing and crowding around one girl in particular.  "It looks like she has a camera," I said to my co-workers. As they approached the lines to head inside, I noticed Hattie had her hand in her pocket.  "Did you bring the camera out with you?" her teacher asked her. "No," Hattie replied, looking shocked. "Mrs. H. saw what looked like you taking pictures," her teacher went on, "What's in your pocket." "My hand," Hattie replied. "Take out your hand." She removed her hand from her pocket, but there was still an obvious buldge that revealed something else was still inside her sweatshirt.  "What's that?" her teacher asked her. "It's something else," was Hattie's reply, "Not my camera."  "Show it to me then," the teacher instructed. Hattie sheepishly removed the digital camera from her pocket.  Enjoy serving that silent lunch!

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