Saturday, November 13, 2010

Parental Saturday: Think Before You Act

Apples don't fall too far away from the learn from their parents.  Saturday's will be focused on Stuff Parents Say - which can sometimes be just as good!

A common form of communication for parents and teachers is emails.  Teachers, therefore, have to read the email addresses provided by the parents. I don't think that's always thought through.  If your email address is vaguely or overtly sexual in nature, please don't share it with us!  We don't want to see any addresses that include the words "thang" "dirty" or end in 69 or XXX.  There are countless places where an email address can be obtained for free.  A simple gmail account with your first and last name will definitely suffice in communication with us.  You can even get it forwarded to your lovely personal email adress for ease of use.

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