Saturday, November 20, 2010

Parental Saturday: See a What?

Parent Teacher Conferences are always interesting.  Sometimes, though, more so than others.  Last year, while meeting with Hattie's family, we could tell that Hattie's Dad wasn't very interested in what we were saying.  He seemed distracted and we could tell he wanted to talk about something he thought was very important.  After we finished our spiel, her father just about busted at his chance.  He pulled his cell phone from his pocket, "Wanna see a dead body?" he asked us....

Apparently, while at work that day, he and his coworkers had stumbled across someone who had committed suicide and he decided it was a good idea to take a picture and then share it with his daughter's teachers at a conference that evening.


  1. no. no. no. no photos of dead people at your conference.

    The worst one I had ever heard of before this was the mom who brought her pet ferret along to the conference... in her blouse.

  2. A ferret in a that's interesting!