Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parental Saturday: Never give in!

Christie had a student pulled out of her classroom by the principal to discuss an incident reported by the bus driver.  Herman had apparently been sticking his head and arms out of the window while the bus was in motion on several occasions.  He was given a detention to serve the following day.  The next day, Herman was brought to school by his mother, who wanted to speak to the principal about the incident.
     "Herman says he didn't do it," his mother explained, "I don't think he should get in trouble for something he didn't do."
     "I interviewed several witnesses who said the same thing the bus driver did," the principal told her.
     "Well those witnesses must have been mistakened, because Herman says he didn't do it."
     The principal opened a file on his computer and a video of a bus started playing.  Herman was clearly visible with both arms and head out of the window.
     "That must be another child, because Herman says he didn't do it."

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