Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mouth Filter

Some students are blessed with the ability to think before they speak.  Most, though, are not.  Molly overheard the following conversation between one of these non-filtered students, Herman, and another student, Hattie had been absent for several days.

"Why were you out so long?" Herman asked.
"I was sick," Hattie replied and continued on with her work.
Henry wasn't satisfied, "No, but how were you sick?"
Hattie thought for a moment, "I just didn't feel good."
Henry still wasn't satisfied, "Throwing up? Diarrhea? What?"
Hattie got very red and went back to her work.
"Come on. What did you have?" Herman continued.

At this point, Molly stepped in and explained that, although she was glad he was worried about the health of his fellow student, it wasn't appropriate to ask anyone those questions.  He apologized for being "too intrusive".

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