Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Not Getting It...

A teacher was taking his class on a field trip the following day, and was going over ground rules with them.  Herman, a student who wasn't going on the trip because have behavioral issues, kept raising his hand to ask questions.
"Can we bring fried chicken for lunch?"
"You could if you were going, Herman, but since you're not, maybe you could bring it for your school lunch instead."
Herman had another question, "Ok, but can I bring my CD player for the bus?"
"If you were going, you could, but you're not.  This doesn't apply to you."
"I know, but should I wear jeans or my church pants?"
Exasperated, his teacher responded, "Herman, you may wear jeans tomorrow because you're going to be staying at school, not going on the trip."
The next day, he showed up with his fried chicken, and his CD player, wearing his fancy church pants - all to sit in the in school suspension room for the day.

Thanks Georgeann!

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